Triceps Workout

            8 weeks triceps workout 

Use The Triceps Anatomy To Your Advantage

Let’s start with a little basic anatomy to fully understand how the triceps work, and
how this 8 week routine is set up to put you on the way to huge arms.
The two heads of the biceps and the three heads of the triceps have separate
attachments near the shoulder but a singular attachment for each muscle just below
the elbow. Even though body mechanics don’t allow for complete isolation of any
one given head, you can slightly shift the emphasis from one head to another by
using a variety of exercises and angles. To sum it up, the more angles the more
mass! This rule holds true, not just for the triceps, but all the muscle groups in your

Program's Strategy!

One other note is that this 8-week plan changes depending upon your level of
conditioning. My general philosophy is the basic meat-and-potatoes exercises are
used for the first two exercises, followed by some isolation movements to top the
workout off. This rule can change a little, when using say pre-exhaustion, but for
the most part it’s my rule of thumb.

For beginners, simply perform the first two exercises in the beginning of every
workout, and stick to 4-6 total sets all together. For an intermediate bodybuilder
perform the entire workout, but adjust the sets to your fitness level. This holds true
for advanced as well. You can also change the time between sets depending on your
goals. I’ll give my recommendations, but every one is different, so adjust volume
and intensity to your level of fitness.

Also, when to train your triceps is something that will be up to you. Some people
like to train them after chest and delts, some like to have an all arm day. I prefer
both, I’ll often switch my routine around to keep my body guessing and growing.
If you have an all arm day, make sure you’ve given a few days between training
delts or chest. Whether your tris are sore or not, they have been heavily taxed from
your chest and delts workouts, so make sure they are well rested so you don’t fall
into over-training.

Also, these 8 weeks will be based on Jacob’s philosophy of changing the reps to
shock the body. For the first cycle (1st 4 weeks) the rep range will be lower,
followed by cycle 2 (2nd 4 weeks), of higher reps.

Week one!

Lying barbell or cambered (EZ-curl) bar press:

This exercise is a total mass builder, probably the best overall. The middle elbows
position allows you to get the benefit of both the shortened and lengthened triceps
position. Whether you chose the cambered bar or the barbell is entirely up to you.
Beginners may have a hard time with the barbell’s weight. For this exercise to be
effective, use the bar that you can control for proper form for the set.

To do this one lie on your back on a flat bench, grasping an EZ-curl bar just inside
shoulder width, extending your upper arms straight overhead. Now lower; your
elbows about 45 degrees toward your head and stabilize them in this position;
simultaneously, bend your elbows to allow the bar to arc over your forehead. In a
controlled motion, press back upward, keeping your arms angled at 45 degrees, but
you shouldn’t be able to rest at the top. This will keep optimal stress on the whole
triceps muscle complex. The key is to not cheat, by moving your elbow, keep them
in the same position throughout the set.

Recommended sets:
3 for beginner/intermediate, 4 for advanced. Rep range 6-9
for first cycle. If you are intermediate or advanced, I would suggest 1 rest-pause rep
per working set, or 1 or 2 forced reps if you have a partner.

Close-grip cable press-downs:

Attach a straight bar or cambered bar to a high pulley. Grab the bar with an
overhand grip, hands 3 or 4 inches apart. Keep your upper arms stabilized by your
sides throughout the entire movement. In a smooth motion press the bar toward
your thighs (just a few inches short) until your arms are extended. Allow, the weight
to bring your forearms just above parallel before repeating another rep.

Recommended sets:
 Same as above, this is still the mass building phase.
For the last set, destroy the remaining muscle fibers with the drop set principle.
beginner = one drop set
intermediate = double drop set
advanced = triple drop set.

Super-set of cable kickbacks with One-arm dumbbell overhead extension
This is the real pump-up of this week. Do one arm at a time, in other words,
superset both of these exercises together working one arm at a time. If you do this,
you’re rest period will come as you are working the other arm. This not only saves
time, but also gives your triceps plenty of time to rest before the next set.

For the one-arm overhead extension, grab a dumbbell in one hand and extend that
arm straight overhead. Bend your elbow (keeping it stabilized in this position) so
that the weight tracks behind your head then press back upward.

The cable kickback really adds good peak to your triceps so emphasize static
contraction big time for this one. Attack a handle to a low pulley, and grab it with an
overhand grip. Your working arm stays parallel to the floor, with a 90-degree bend
in your elbow. Kick your hand back in a smooth motion.

Recommended sets: 
3 per arm. 8-10 reps. Really squeeze your tris hard for these,
both of these motions stress the triceps’s heads at different angles to get total
triceps development

That’s it for week one! Slam down a post-workout shake and rest your arms for 5-7
days! You’re going to need it for next week’s workout!