Saturday, March 5, 2016

   The Top 20 ways to screw up in the gym

Screw-up #1:

Fear Of Over training

Over training is a result
of training too frequently
and/or too long. Don’t
take a microscope to the
definition. Over training
is as simple as that –
over training. It is a result
of one of the following:
• Training too frequently
or in excess.

• Training too long.
• Inadequate recovery.
Mainstream bodybuilding
literature and science
have traditionally focused
on the symptoms rather
than on the prevention
of them. You often read
articles on ‘over training
syndrome’ and ‘planned
over training’.
This is unnecessary.
If you are in control of the training and
recovery process, if you
train for predetermined
periods and recover in
predetermined ways,
then you don’t need to
know anything about
‘over training syndromes’!

You will know exactly
how many calories
your body needs on
your workout and your
non-workout days. The
metabolic calculator will
take into consideration
your specific goal: Do
you want to maintain, cut,
progressively gain muscle
or gain muscle as fast as
possible? It takes into
consideration your age,
sex, body fat percentage
and non-exercise activity

As discussed above,
hitting your goals calories
is only half the battle. I am
guessing that you want to
gain clean, lean muscle
mass? You don’t want to
get a damn pot belly in the
process to hide your true
shape?! You must eat
clean and healthy calories
in addition to your caloric
I know how difficult it is to advanced recovery
methods to take charge
of your training and
accelerate your ability
to recuperate and train

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